Reading books?!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading Books

Nowadays reading books seems quite old-fashion, new technology are constantly improving and slowly replacing the old sources of information such as books and newspapers. But obviously it is not possible to reject the necessity of the old traditional paper book even in the time of digital technologies we are living in.

There are many advantages in reading books, and probably the most important one is that you are given the opportunity to learn from the experience and knowledge of the author as well the chance to receive factual information or simply to enjoy yourself with interesting and entertaining stories .No matter the content of the book, you, as a reader can think about and weigh the issues mentioned from new perspective. Reading allows you to get in close contact with the writer; he or she makes you an invisible participant in the story. Another very practical advantage of books is that they are very comfortable; you can easily read them without the need of some special device.

On the other hand books have one big disadvantage, no matter what the information in them can’t be updated as that in the web pages, which is crucial in respect to the always developing world of science.

In conclusion I would say that books are irreplaceable even today when you can find everything on one click distance. Books in fact are the only thing remained which is able to make you use your own imagination.


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