Under cover ;)


“Under cover” is the newest bulgarian tv serial.I find it it very exating in comparison to the other new bulgarian serials which came out this spring,it is an intersting story represented in an amazing .

It is the story of a young boy which works under cover among the biggest fishes in the famous bulgarian mafia.Some of the viewers compare the movia with other successful story that of “Brigada” the russian mafia serial.Personally i havent watched the other film mentioned above but defenetly the bulgarian version worth watching .I look forward seeing the next episode


Theoretical knowledge or Practical training

today 01.05.2011

I found this interesting opinion about practical and theoretical studies at university ,do you agree or disagree with it ?

“For a long time, there have been arguments about whether university should or should not provide students with practical training while teaching theoretical knowledge. As to this matter I hold the opinion that it’s university’s function to provide students theoretical knowledge, but not necessarily it’s duty to give them practical training. It is generally considered that university is an institution which concentrates on mainly two tasks: one is cultivating people to be professional in their fields, the other is doing further research on certain aspects. These two tasks decide that university focus on theoretical knowledge, but not practical training. What’s people looking for in the further education in university? Certainly it’s knowledge and most probably the theoretical knowledge. If they are seeking for some practical training, why not they enter some kind of skill-training institution or just find a job, both of which are likely to give them many more chances of practical training than a university can afford. As people don’t resort university to get practical training, why should university provide such training which its students would not expect? ”

Are you stupid if you listen to chalga music?


Yesterday I was invited to the birthday of my  best friend.The big difference between me and her is the fact that we like two completely different styles of music,I am keen on chalga and she and her friends are the greatest rock fans I know.If you live in my home country you will probably be awared of the war between all styles of music and the chalga style.Now about this style its most specific features are beautiful girls singing under the sound of Balkan rhythmics ,the lyrics of the songs are sometimes very poor ,but nowadays things have changed i would say,in Bulgaria and the whole Balkan peninsula this the most popular music,it serves like a distinguishing feature between our oriental culture and the west culture .

To be honest i don’t understand all this hate toward this specific kind of music ,but what i don’t understand even more is why everybody reject listening to it like it is a real shame and sign of low culture.And even the most strange is that exactly these people could sing you at least one chalga song with no mistake in the lyrics and even dance on it instead on some track of Beyounce or Rihanna for example,but of course they don’t listen to chalga it is awful music only for the poor stupid people,who wanna watch beautiful dolls.

Is it really such a shame to like what everybody likes,is the commercial music only for fools,I don’t think so,music is for fun no one can’t tell me what my intellectual level is according to the music i like to have fun on,right ?!?!