About me


This is my first blog and I am not very sure how it should look like and what will be interesting to share with other people.I think that first of all I should say something about myself,actually there isn’t a lot to tell but never mind . 🙂 About me,I am first year student at the University of National and Word Economy in Sofia,Bulgaria.I have the opportunity to study in probably the most prestigious specialty at the university,the thing i appreciate the most until now is the fact that we study every subject at English,the world’s  most popular language.Before coming to the university i graduated 56th high school in the district of Lulin,well this not the most famous and good school in the country but i really liked it,my teachers were so good and they really act like our friends .And thats all about my education,nothing impressive unfortunately,but there is still time for me to change this fact :). About the things i have worked,well they dont have nothing to do with economy ,but as i said life is in front of me .And as we speak for the future my wish is to graduate the university successfully and if i have the luck to find enough financial resources i would like to take master degree at some foreigner university . And last but not least about my hobbies,to be honest i don’t think i have hobby but if reading books and mountain walks count as hobbies yes i have hobby 🙂 .