Paulo Coelho- “Zahir”

today 20.04.2011

“Zahir” is the last book i read these days. To be honest I was quite skeptic about Paulo Coelho novels,they were just too popular and someone may say that they are just the new mania of the girls because if you ask a random woman whether she has read something from the popular Brazilian author her answer will be for sure “yes I have”.But lead by interest I decided to read the book which made Paulo the most famous author in the world -“The Al chemic”.The story grab me from the first sentence and from then on I continued to adore hi novels.

Zahir comes from Arabic,it means something like obsessiveness,which could drive you to madness if you don’t find way to release your mind and soul from it.The book tells the story of a man,whose wife try to save their love by making her popular and rich husband to leave his comfortable life in search of his old self ,capable of loving  to the limit. Its a beautiful story in which nothing is not saved from  the reader,you can find not so nice scenes in which things for which no one will ever dare to speak are shown in very elegant way.Reading this book everyone may find himself in some of the characters,but even if you don’t  associate yourself with them,there is no way not to find the wisdom  in every sentence or situation.You can find old quotes in every chapter ,you will dive in a very realistic world of love and mystery.The story has some not very realistic features like a man able to hear voices and to predict the future,but exactly these strange things makes even the grater skeptic more interested in the further development of the story .

And at the end i would like to say that I truly believe that everybody has a zahir deep inside his soul,there is no person in the world who hasn’t been in love with someone who he/she cant erase from his thought,and if you are one of these people share your personal story,like the author calls it, and discover again your love or just clear the way for a new one.