Theoretical knowledge or Practical training

today 01.05.2011

I found this interesting opinion about practical and theoretical studies at university ,do you agree or disagree with it ?

“For a long time, there have been arguments about whether university should or should not provide students with practical training while teaching theoretical knowledge. As to this matter I hold the opinion that it’s university’s function to provide students theoretical knowledge, but not necessarily it’s duty to give them practical training. It is generally considered that university is an institution which concentrates on mainly two tasks: one is cultivating people to be professional in their fields, the other is doing further research on certain aspects. These two tasks decide that university focus on theoretical knowledge, but not practical training. What’s people looking for in the further education in university? Certainly it’s knowledge and most probably the theoretical knowledge. If they are seeking for some practical training, why not they enter some kind of skill-training institution or just find a job, both of which are likely to give them many more chances of practical training than a university can afford. As people don’t resort university to get practical training, why should university provide such training which its students would not expect? ”